Simply gaze or stare into the middle of the image for at least 10 min. per day. Once in the morning and again at night before sleep is preferable.(since the vibrational pattern in these images is elevated from the frequency range most humans maintain you may need to start with 3 min. per day and increase from there.) It is important to always use music while gazing at these images. Music will enhance and speed up the flow so that new energy centers may be awakened and felt. You will notice the images shifting back and forth, do not attempt to follow the image ... just keep gazing straight into the middle.

Experiencing the Kundalini visually stimulates and invokes a new pattern of higher frequencies. This frequency will pervade and prevail inside the viewers field. The viewer should be compelled beyond will to make positive choices and changes, in everyday life.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Once a new elevated frequency pattern has been entrained there is still danger of slipping back into the pre-existing frequency mode. In order to sustain and maintain this new level, gazing must be practiced often and remain constant for at least a six month duration.

REMEMBER . . . simply gazing daily awakens higher frequency levels that will automatically cause continued shifting of the energy centers, which can enable accelerated self-improvement and discovery.

Unifies M/F polarities, fuising equilibirium in the heart center
Advanced gazing for manifestation concentration
Open, stimulate and clear energy centers on all levels
Unifies M/F polarities, fusing equilibrium in the heart center