Images on this site allow the viewer a peak into the invisible realm. The human energy field or Subtle Body reside here. The Subtle Body lies inside and outside of the physical body and remains as a permanent vehicle even after death of the physical. Kundalini Gold is a tool for the internal electromagnetic alignment. The balancing and alignment of the subtle Body will result in a vibration alteration. It is the rate of frequency that determines our destination. Higher frequencies produce pleasant and satisfying conditions. Kundalini's Gold’s goal is to awaken and entrain higher frequencies.

Kundalini Gold is a specialized Transformative Art. It is scientific in nature, as it provides full documentation of the entire Kundalini Awakening process. The high frequency vibrations emitted during episodes of Kundalini’s arising are captured by directly channeling the uncoiling of Kundalini at work. The uncoiling of Kundalini causes the etheric body to reconstruct itself from grosser to finer frequencies, consciousness is triggered simultaneously and expands in accordance.

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Female Crucifix

This image was chosen for the back side of the cards. (The inspiration for it came through a dream) The crucifix emphasizes awakening new states of consciousness, after the death of the old. Death can be beautiful as consciousness is sustained and embraced.